PDA Ecolab becomes SCALE Advanced Biocomposites

We’re pleased to announce that PDA Ecolab is changing its name to SCALE Advanced Biocomposites.

We will always believe that “Passion Demands Action” and that we must drive the environmental change we wish to see. However, as we prepare for industrialization to address the global demand for sustainable composites, our identity needs to reflect that mission.

Why SCALE Advanced Biocomposites?

“Advanced composites” and “biocomposites” currently exist in separate silos. Advanced composites use high-performance resins and synthetic fibers like carbon for demanding applications; biocomposites are used primarily in non-structural applications where low ecological impact is prioritized. SCALE aims to combine the performance of advanced composites with the environmental benefits of bio-based materials.

We’re also addressing an oft-cited weakness of biocomposites: lack of scalability to meet widespread demand. In the future, we aim to truly scale biocomposite materials, providing high-performance, lower-cost materials to the industry while dramatically reducing environmental impact.

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