Bio-based materials to build our climate-neutral future


Performance and sustainability are no longer mutually exclusive

Until now, using environmentally responsible materials often meant sacrificing performance. SCALE changes that. Our natural fibers can be used with carbon fiber to enhance performance, reduce costs and slash greenhouse emissions.* 

Higher flexural performance
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Lower material costs
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Reduced greenhouse emissions
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We engineer sustainable performance

SCALE Advanced Biocomposites develops bio-based reinforcement materials that can improve product performance across a range of applications. Our materials can be used on their own or combined with glass, carbon, basalt and other fibers to meet your needs, and budget.

Advanced Materials

High-performance, low-emissions composite reinforcements from renewable sources

Innovation Services​

We enable manufacturers to optimize product performance while reducing carbon footprint​

Across Industries​

We work with you across sport, automotive, mobility, wind power, and more ​

Our mission

Our mission

At SCALE we believe that dedicated people must be the change they want to see in the environment. Our love for wild places and winter sports compels us to fight climate change and protect our natural ecosystems. While we care about making gear, and other durable goods, as sustainable as possible, our ultimate goal is to preserve the emotions we experience in nature and the lessons we learn from sport for future generations.

how we do it

Performance matters

We believe the change to sustainable materials offers an opportunity to improve product performance. We work with unique combinations of renewable, bio-based materials and low-impact processes to create light and strong reinforcements. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for the gear we use in the mountains, we’re developing composite solutions that are applicable for sporting goods, automotive, wind power, aerospace and much more.

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